Accidents In Public Places

Branigan Berkery Solicitors has a team of dedicated solicitors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling claims that arise from accidents in public places (public liability claims). If you have suffered a personal injury* as a result of a slippery floor, broken footpath, etc. you may be entitled to compensation if those in charge of the maintenance of the area have failed in their duty of care.

When you attend at our offices at 29 Laurence St. (purple door), we will take your detailed instructions. Following this, you will be assigned a dedicated solicitor who will take care of the case on your behalf and advise you throughout the process. Your solicitor will prepare the Injuries Board application on your behalf. Thereafter, if an award is made by the Injuries Board, you will be advised as to the adequacy of the award and whether it should be accepted or rejected. If you decide that you wish to proceed to issue court proceedings, we will draft and file all the necessary court documents and we will represent you in court.

Branigan Berkery Solicitors will at all times endeavour to achieve the highest award possible in your case, whether through settlement, or court award. If you have suffered a personal injury* in a public place due to third party negligence, get in contact with us to discuss the details of your case.

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