Medical Negligence*

Medical negligence* claims arise when you have suffered a personal injury* as a result of medical negligence* or lack of care. Branigan Berkery Solicitors is experienced in the handling of medical negligence* claims, having successfully represented clients for a number of medical-related injuries. Before initiating a claim, you must receive a report from a qualified expert confirming that, in their opinion, you received treatment that is below the standard that is to be expected – once we have procured this report, we can then determine whether it is justifiable to issue proceedings. Unlike most personal injury* compensation cases, the Injuries Board will refuse jurisdiction in respect of medical negligence* claims.

Medical negligence* claims are generally more complex than other types of personal injury claims*, which is why you must seek the advice of a fully qualified and experienced solicitor, such as those at Branigan Berkery Solicitors.

There are extremely strict time limits within which personal injury* actions have to be brought. In most cases this time limit is set at two years. Therefore, if you have suffered an injury and you need advice you should not hesitate any longer, contact our office to speak with a member of our team as soon as possible.

If you have become injured as a result of medical negligence*, get in contact with us.